I like cats. They are cute, independent and have their own personality. With a cat or two you can always be sure something fun happens. I have owned five cats and here is a short story about each of them.


I bought Salle together with my cousin when we lived in Upplands Väsby together. He was a perser/norwegian forrest cat. He was an outdoor cat and grew up to become a hunter, coming home with mice and birds. He probably suffered somewhat from megalomania, having a huge territory despite being a castrate. Me and my cousin moved apart after a year and me and Salle moved to Årsta closer to the city. Sadly he was run over by a car and died. I miss you little cat.

Siri and Sanna

Me and my girlfriend Alexandra bought Siri and Sanna as indoor cats. They were british shorthaired cats. Unluckily allergic people are very sensitive to this race and I proved to be allergic. We had to sell them after just a few months.

Ana and Ariel

These are our current cats. They are ragdolls and sleep a lot. We have them as indoor cats but let them out on the balkony often. Sometimes we also take them for a walk outdoors but always with a string. Ana likes to chase a ball and to be massaged on her stomach. Ariel likes to be more by her self. They are often close to us so we always have company.